The Importance of Interiors

The digital age has put a spotlight on design, with every potential homebuyer a possible design ‘expert’


We have officially entered a digital age. With infinite knowledge at our fingertips, we all have the capabilities to become experts of anything. This is an exciting time. People are more independent, and more efficient than ever. But it is also an age of criticism. With social media putting everyone and their next-door neighborhood in the limelight, there is also infinite opportunity for viciousness.

With a plethora of knowledge available to us, we can all become experts in our field through less traditional methods. Through Google, you can research anything from underwater basket weaving, to how to self publish a novel on Amazon, and you have apps to help you as well. Pinterest allows free reign over creativity – allowing us avid (obsessed) “pinners” to create “boards” for anything. We could design a fall fashion line if we wanted, or (more applicable here), we could design a board for each interior room of our home. But that doesn’t mean that interior designers are obsolete; in fact, some of the best interior designers have embraced this platform and have thrived on it. Type in interior design and Pinterest into Google, and you will find article after article detailing how to weave your Pinterest into your interior design practice, and which interior designers are a ‘must -follow’ on the social media platform.

In fact, I believe that this platform has placed an emphasis on interior design more than ever. Users are scrolling, scrolling, scrolling all day through beautiful designs so they have higher standards and expectations. Builders can no longer afford to have haphazardly thrown together interiors when staging model homes. The presentation, in this age of social media and living under a microscope to present to the world the most beautiful, “Instagram-worthy” life, is of the utmost importance. Presenting potential homeowners with a thoughtfully designed interior with clean lines, modern trends, and natural accents is the key to the door of their imagination, allowing them to picture an actual life and home in what was just a house mere moments ago.

Every year, Pinterest releases a report about the top 100 trends based on pinning activity. For 2018, some current trends are Spa styles (people drool over luxurious, spa-style bathrooms), wall art (a gallery wall has made a huge impression all over Pinterest this year), mixed metallics (geometric side tables, this is your time to shine), and farmhouse style (sliding barn door anyone?). The Home Trends for 2018 article details how, “Today’s generation looks at their homes as an ever-changing canvas for their lives, a place that reflects their experiences, interests and values. […] People are redecorating more frequently and making bolder choices.” This is because information is so readily available to them due to apps like Pinterest.

After the great recession, minimalism became increasingly popular through necessity – people couldn’t risk losing their renters deposit by painting a bright green accent wall. Now that homebuyer confidence and the job market are more secure, people have started adding splashes of color and design into their living spaces once again. Pops of color are trendy, a bold accent wall in a deep color, a brightly patterned statement rug is an easy way to add color to a neutral home, and adding natural accents. Green plants always have a place in a home, geometric metallic side tables and coffee tables are quick and easy statement pieces that are always eye catching, and natural materials are often gravitated towards as well. Marble, metal, and wood are just some of the popular natural materials you’ll see this year.

Everyone has the power and ability to research and design a beautiful home, but it’s the experts in Interior Design that take an opportunity like Pinterest and are able to run with it. It’s easy when you have been designing for years to just continue doing what you are doing, ignoring the technology that is popping up around you; however, by embracing technology and downloading the wonderful Pinterest app, you life might just change for the better. A well staged home is still, if not now more so, vital to a home sale, due to the popularity of DIY design, and apps like Pinterest.

Having an interesting interior has never been a higher priority.

Abby Pittman is the Editor of Builder and Developer Magazine. She may be reached at 

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