Tiny houses slowly becoming a trend in Utah County

The Tiny Home movement is a worldwide change in the way people use their living spaces. Instead of homes that average around 2,000 square feet, tiny homes are 100 to about 300 square feet, with their larger brothers — referred to as micro-homes — coming in at 400 to 700 square feet. Tiny homes and micro-homes creatively maximize a small footprint — utilizing lofts, clever storage options, and employing high efficient and environmentally-friendly appliances and utilities. “They can be as environmentally friendly as you want,” said Boyd Riding of Alpine Tiny Homes. “The best way I’ve heard it described is ‘live simply so others can simply live.’” That quote is attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, and describes the movement’s most ardent supporters. But if you don’t live out among the forests of the Pacific Northwest or own farmland or some beach front property, where can you put a tiny home?


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