TRI Pointe Homes

Innovation, productivity, and customer satisfaction are at the core of a set of many values that TRI Pointe Homes will continue to promote in 2013. After being honored in Las Vegas as “Legends of Residential Marketing 2013 Honoree” and the Eliant Award for the best Home Buying Experience in Southern California, TRI Pointe is one leader of the homebuilding pack.

With plans of expansion into the Southwestern portion of the United States in 2013, TRI Pointe plans to incorporate different markets in home building to generate as much customer satisfaction as possible.

Headed by former William Lyon Homes president and CEO Doug Bauer, his mission as well as those of his partners is to build houses with personal design and expert craftsmanship. With philosophies focused on quality and the customer, TRI Pointe has big plans on expanding their communities.

A steadily reviving housing market provides the perfect platform for TRI Pointe to expand their communities, and with new incorporations of third party certified homes, their success seems to be only mounting.

The recent demand for green homes is an avenue that TRI Pointe will take to ensure their growing spectrum of expertise. With homes and communities in California and Colorado, TRI Pointe is ready to take on the green market as it accelerates from unique to mass produced.

“In the past we have had two Build It Green certified communities: Sonoma and San Marino,” explained Bauer. “Currently, we are developing Altana at Civita, Arcadia and TRI Pointe Homes at Rancho Mission Viejo. Future plans include both Huntington Beach sites, and most likely Playa Vista.”

Despite being a recently established company, TRI Pointe Homes is set to become a prominent force in the North American building industry.

With numerous communities in existence and many more in the works, TRI Pointe is an up-andcoming contender to be reckoned with and older building corporations should keep an eye out. “As a recently formed company in California and most recently in Colorado, we aren’t burdened by legacy issues and are very nimble to react to market conditions. Our company is opportunistic in that we build SFA/SFD in the entry level to move-up segments allowing us to maximize the land value of communities we own and control,” said Bauer. “We have an excellent group of professionals that have over 100-years of local experience, relationships, and reputation that allow us to continue to build in the core markets of Southern and Northern California and Denver, Colorado.”

Although combating with a still-recovering housing market, TRI Pointe refuses to let any lull interrupt their production. 2013 is a new year for building, and TRI Pointe will continue to be actively developing on new sites while making sure to keep their customers at the heart of any project, especially with a philosophy developed around a business model to “Think. Renew. Inspire.”

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