What First-Time Home Buyers Really Want

In the recent National Association of Home Builders study What Home Buyers Really Want, 2021 Edition, a laundry room was the most popular community feature in a nationwide survey of 3,247 recent and prospective home buyers. The participants also included 541 people who bought or were about to buy their first homes.

“The survey asked these first-time buyers to rate over 200 home and community features using the following, four-tier scale (which emphasizes how a feature influences the buyer’s purchase decision),” wrote Paul Emrath of NAHB. ” At the top of the list according to this metric is a laundry room, rated essential or desirable by 83% of first-time buyers, followed by a ceiling fan and exterior lighting, each rated essential or desirable by 81%.”

Diving deeper into the study, the next four features that are most coveted by first-time homebuyers are kitchen features, including a double kitchen sink and walk-in pantry, drinking water filtration, as well as table space for eating. The next two are outdoor features: a patio and exterior lighting. Hardwood flooring for living spaces on the main floor and security cameras rounded out the top ten.

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