Winning Is All About Focus

Continued success can be achieved by focusing on delivering good customer service instead of results

By Mike Moore

The keys to success in selling are straightforward. If you really want to win more sales, you have to improve the customer experience, increase profits, and grow your business. Then, stop focusing on these results and focus on what will help improve those outcomes. This has always been true, but is more important than ever in today’s competitive market.

Growing up as a coach’s son gave me a unique perspective on winning. I learned at an early age that people don’t play their best while watching the scoreboard. Instead, you need to redefine winning into a victory statement that will help you develop the mental toughness to stay focused on the things that produce the results you want, not on the results themselves. What people celebrate reveals their focus. If they celebrate their short term, transactional results, they are limiting their ability to improve their results. Sustained excellence is produced by celebrating the process, not the results. That’s why the great philosophers have encouraged us to enjoy the journey, not the destination.

Steve Jobs said, “If you want to sell a lot of technology you have to start with the customer experience and work back to the technology, not the other way around.” This applies to all products, and especially new homes.

When salespeople celebrate a sale, they reveal that they are more focused on the transaction than the customer experience, and this damages the relationship with new homebuyers, which then reduces sales and damages the customer experience. When homebuilders celebrate closing the home it reveals they are more concerned with their process than the customer’s experience, because closing is the moment the homebuyer become a customer. If you really want to improve your results, build a brand and differentiate yourself from your competition. Lengthen your vision and look further down the road. Stop looking at the short-term selfish results and shift your focus to creating an extraordinary homeownership experience. In fact, you will need to make it your obsession.

Great coaches who build cultures that produce winning teams aren’t obsessed with winning, they are obsessed with the things that create winners. Your company and its results will not improve until your people do. Bill Parcells, the great NFL coach who turned around several losing teams, always found that when he arrived the players didn’t think they were as bad as their records said they were. Who you are is more important than your results, because you are who produces your results.

When you focus on the results instead of the cause of the results, it’s also easy to become complacent in a good market. The focus on results always reduces your ability to improve your results, because, in a good market, it’s easy to develop bad habits. Bill Gates said, “The biggest enemy of future success is past and current success.”

What I have learned from great coaches about winning has become Moore’s Law of Achievement: Attitudes + Skills + Actions = Results. When applied to business, Moore’s Law of Achievement produces constant improvement and a winning culture. The first step to using Moore’s Law of Achievement effectively is to stop making excuses or taking credit for your results and take full responsibility for your attitudes, skills and actions. Then, make these three things the focus, instead of the results. Your results are the sum of the equation and, therefore, happen naturally when the equation is the focus. Think of this as a natural law. It’s also important to remember that your skills and actions are more limited than your attitude, which is infinite and has the ability to change the sum more than the other two. This has become Moore’s Law of Achievement, and when focused on, will always improve your results.

If you really want to lift your performance and develop the attitudes that make winning possible, shift your focus to the process, not the results. This isn’t exactly easy; if it were, everyone would do it. Each of us has to overcome our human nature, which is to focus on short-term results, selfish intentions, comfort, and making excuses. Moore’s Law of Achievement is a great tool to help you change your default settings and transform your thinking to improve your results naturally.

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Mike Moore is a motivational speaker, leadership and peak performance coach. He combines his expertise in retailing, interior design, vendor and new home sales to address all aspects of the home buying experience. He may be reached at

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